0.6.x Changelogs

Fixed Bugs

  • Swords/Flintlocks found in chests will no longer disappear when right clicked
  • Large Marine Bases will spawn above ground
  • Dojos won't float anymore
  • Sea King Meat has an eating sound now instead of a drinking one
  • Fixed 2 different crashes caused by Marine/Pirate Captains
  • Gomu Gomu no Rocket was added back
  • /pouch command can no longer give negative valued pouches and will correctly substract the belly required for a pouch
  • Fixed a rare crash that occured on servers when the vanilla particles option was changed
  • Supa Supa no Mi's Spider will now correctly turn off after a while
  • 'One Fruit per World' option will no longer be enforced when eating Devil Fruits
  • Dropping an entity's Heart will no longer kill it
  • The Sky Blocks released by Milky Dials will no longer drop anything
  • Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model Giraffe's Speed Point buff will no longer disappears
  • Yomi Yomi no Mi users will retain their data/location after the first death while turning in a skeleton
  • Nearby darkness blocks will correctly be removed now when the Yami Yami no Mi user dies
  • The following abilities will now correctly scale their damage with the /damagem command
  • Busoshoku Haki
  • Karakuni
  • Juryoku
  • Gekishin
  • Spring Sniper
  • O Tatsumaki
  • White Launcher
  • Kasuriuta Fubuki Giri
  • Shi Shishi Sonson
  • Great Stomp
  • Ivory Stomp
  • Ivory Dart
  • Explosions damage



    Art of Weather

    • New fighting style, uses the Clima Tact (or any upgraded Clima Tact) for it's abilities
    • Users will get Heat Ball, Cool Ball and Thunder Ball by default, these are useless on their own however combining them will result in strong abilities (tempos)
    • Check the guide here for more details about the possible tempos

    Tori Tori no Mi: Model Phoenix

    • Tensei no Soen won't hit enemies under blocks anymore

    Kage Kage no Mi

    • Players without a shadow can now eat one to regain it

    Gomu Gomu no Mi

    • Gear Second will make the user faster now


    • Tekkai has a threshold now before it will turn itself off

    Ope Ope no Mi

    • The heart obtained from Mes will kill it's owner if desotryed

    Goro Goro no Mi

    • If the tomoe drums are equipped El Thor will turn in Mamaragan, a stronger version with 5 lighting bolts striking near the center


  • Players can now be ambushed if their bounty is above 100.000, of course higher bounty means stronger ambushes
    • Pirates and Revolutionary Army players will be ambushed by marines or bounty hunters
    • To keep them fair a 30 mins cooldown is placed on them and they can only happen under certain conditions, so no random ambush in your house or in a mine
    • Config Options for enabling/disabling ambushes as well as their cooldown are also available


  • Doriki/Belly drops were changed a bit taking into consideratation how powerful a mob is instead of a fixed amount
  • Several mobs can now use busoshoku haki!
    • Their haki will only be active during combat however, as they will suffer the same debuffs as players do when overusing it!
    • Damage received from these mobs will be doubled
    • Some mobs have a chance of spawning with haki based on their importance


    • Marine Captain
      • Has a 60% chance of spawning with busoshoku haki
      • Will now use different abilities, affected by haki
      • Swordsman abilities if they use have a sword equiped
      • Punch based abilities if they don't have a sword equiped
      • Has a chance to spawn with Rokushiki abilities, max 2 abilities
    • Marine with Sword
      • Now have a chance to spawn with iron swords as well as their faction specific sword
    • Marine with Gun
      • Reduced the bullet damage, 6 → 4 for normal bullets and 9 → 6 for kairoseki bullets


    • Pirate Captain
      • Has a 60% chance of spawning with busoshoku haki
      • Will now use different abilities, affected by haki
      • Swordsman abilities if they use have a sword equiped
      • Punch based abilities if they don't have a sword equiped
      • Has a chance to spawn with Rokushiki abilities, max 2 abilities
    • Pirate with Sword
      • Now have a chance to spawn with iron swords as well as their faction specific sword
    • Pirate with Gun
      • Reduced the bullet damage, 6 → 4 for normal bullets and 9 → 6 for kairoseki bullets
    • Fat Pirate
      • Big and strong enemies found on Large Ships and land bases
      • Has a 20% chance of spawning with busoshoku haki and/or with a mace
      • Uses brute strenght in it's attacks especially if equiped with a mace


    • Dojo Sensei
      • Will always be capable of using busoshoku haki
      • Will use Swordsman abilities
      • Raised HP 80 → 150
      • Raised Damage 10 → 12


    • Kung Fu Dugongs
      • Will spawn near beaches and deserts in packs of 3 to 5
      • Friendly but will attack if provoked
      • Can be tamed by beating them in a 1v1 duel with only punches
      • Loves any type of fish
      • Cute and loyal
    • Lapahn
      • Will spawn in cold biomes in packs of 2 to 5
      • Aggressive
      • Uses a lot of jump and kick-based attacks and will fight in group
      • Has a fluffy tail
    • Yagara Bull
      • Will spawn in oceans/rivers usually alone
      • Absolutely useless in combat
      • Can be tamed with lots of fish
      • Once tamed they can be equipped with a saddle and become rideable
      • Faster than a boat


  • Check the guide here for more details about the structures; where to find them, what mobs will spawn there and what loot they might contain
  • Marine / Bandit Camps

    • Technically speaking the weakest structure in terms of loot / enemies
    • Pretty common structure found in most biomes

    Marine Large Base

    • Big structure with multiple floors
    • Has a lot of Marines but also some bosses
    • Can contain Devil Fruit boxes

    Bandit Base

    • A fancy cave
    • Obviously full of bandits
    • Can contain wooden Devil Fruit boxes
    • Since it's cave it will contain a lot of ores as part of the treasure

    Sky Islands

    • The small kind for now
    • Only spawn above Y:90
    • Completely empty but will provide a good source of dials


  • Added more comments to help new players understand the config
  • New config options for enabling/disabling ambushes as well as how often they will occur
  • New config options for enabling/disabling the new structure archtypes (camps, bases, sky islands)
  • New config options for enabling/disabling the minimum amount of doriki recieved from a kill
  • New config options for the % of doriki/bounty/belly being kept after death


  • A new item is available for the users of Chiyu Chiyu no Mi; the Watering Can
    • It will store tears after the user has been hit
    • Tears are used to restore HP, 1 tear = 4 HP (2 hearts)
  • Sea King Meat can now be eaten even at max hunger
  • Tomoe Drums were added and can be equipped as a chest piece
  • Mace weapon added


  • /pouch will give the user a belly pouch with the specified amount of belly if the user has enough belly
    • /pouch (amount)
  • /abilityprotection was reworked and now works as a single command
    • /abilityprotection new (size) - creates a new protection zone with the specified size
    • /abilityprotection view - enables the client sided margins of a protected area
  • /damagem is a new command that will apply a damage multiplier for abilities and projectiles
    • /damagem (amount) [player] - the amount can be a decimal (ex: 1.25, 1.5), if the player is not specified the multiplier will be applied to whoever used the command


  • Breaking a Sky Block will have a 25% chance of dropping a random dial
  • The character creator book is now a creative only item, in survival first time you open the Player Stats UI the Character Creator UI will appear instead
  • The ingame option for particles will affect the custom particles as well
  • New Faction : Revolutionary Army was added, currently it has no use
    • Can get bounties, wanted posters and be ambushed
  • Big rework for the Telemetry module...honeslty nothing that will dramatically change the gameplay but it will save a few bytes of your bandwidth, check the stats page here
  • Russian translations added
  • Big texture update, a lot of them were updated or changed

Fixed Bugs

  • Swords will have their unsheathed texture when hold in 3rd person or by mobs
  • Dai Funka and Ryusei Kazan abilities will no longer replace bedrock blocks
  • Fixed Zoans crashing when holiding an item in 3rd person
  • Fixed a bug where Uchimizu would shoot only 1 projectile
  • Fixed the position of the character creator UI, now it should be centered
  • Flyable logias can no longer fly while near kairoseki or if they have kairoseki items in the inventory
  • Suna Sand and Doru Wax will now be affected by abilities that change/remove blocks
  • Logia entities pulled by Kurouzu will now temporarily lose their logia invulnerability
  • Fixed a bug where abilities that needed a sword for activation didn't work even with a sword equipped
  • Yomi Yomi no Mi users will be spawned at the location of their death now
  • The config will now correctly show and work with decimal values
  • The "One Fruit per World" option in the config is now more reliable with fruits going back into circulation if the owner dies or the item is destroyed
  • Logia Invulnerability fixed



    Suna Suna no Mi

    • Suna blocks can be gathered faster using shovels

    Doku Doku no Mi

    • Chloro Ball will explode on impact releasing a poisonous gas for a few seconds

    Kage Kage no Mi

    • Black box will disappear over time

    Yomi Yomi no Mi

    • Drinking milk will now heal the user

    Supa Supa no Mi

    • Players can now use Swordsman Abilities while having Spar Claw active


    • Added a timer for Tekkai (60s) after that it will be automatically cancelled and will go on cooldown


  • Added comments to each option
  • New Config options :
    • Options to choose which stats to keep after death, if the name of the stat is in the list it will be kept after death ONLY IF the "Kepp stats after death" option is set to full
    • Only 1 fruit of each type per world option
    • Option to disable/enable Yami Yami no Mi's "special" passive that allows it's used to eat a 2nd fruit
    • Option to customize the time it takes for a wanted poster package to drop
    • Doriki reward multiplier option

Area Protection

  • A new system that will allow server owners to protect specific areas of their world
  • Currently it's a work in progress feature so more customization options will come later, based on user feedback
  • /abilityprotection - use this command to set the protection in a 100 blocks area, the center of this protection will be where you are standing
  • /abilityprotectionview - use this command to view the area that is protected, the blocks marking the area are client sided only, so joining the world back will remove them
  • Both commands can be used only by an OP player

Wanted Posters

  • Added backgrounds (randomly chosen when a bounty is issued) and faces to bounty posters
  • Improved the logic of wanted poster packages drops, will no longer drop 10 packages while the player is in the same area

Kairoseki & Dial Enchanments

  • Using the anvil players will now be able to apply enchantments to a sword/bow using dials or kairoseki related items
  • Enchantments do stack however keep in mind that minecraft itself has a limit of 3 enchantments per item!


  • Cola backpacks will now replenish Cola while equipped
  • Added 2 new dials : Breath and Flash
  • Added 2 new swords: Durandal and Soul Solid
  • Swords added by the mod will now be able to block
  • Swords added by the mod will now have different sizes and different angles when being held


  • New textures for some of the devil fruits with more to be added in future versions
  • Items will now be visible in the hand of a Yomi Yomi no Mi user
  • Improved the side rendering of blocks, making them connect nicely with other blocks around them

Fixed Issues

  • Ships will no longer replace the water around them (hopefully improving the performance when the world is generated)
  • Wanted poster packages will no longer replace blocks
  • Doriki will now increase past 9999 while naturally leveing it
  • The special flying config option is now server-sided
  • Control keys are now correctly localized
  • Weapons added by the mod will now break webs like normal swords
  • The crafting recipes for the umbrella and scissors are no longer upside down
  • Fixed a lot of minor bugs
  • Abilities

    • Fixed a bug where abilities would disappear from the combat bar while having Anime Screaming enabled
    • Mobs with swords will no longer be able to hit Sabi Sabi no Mi users
    • Rejoining a world while having Yami Yami no Mi will correctly give the user it's abilities
    • Kami-E will start it's cooldown after being canceled
    • Ships will now spawn mobs with guns again
    • Players won't be able to swim while using tekkai
    • Other players will now be able to see when somebody uses Abare Himatsuri
    • Suke Suke no Mi's invisibility is now server-sided
    • Fixed a rare bug that allowed devil fruit users to use abilities underwater
    • Devil Fruit users are now able to get out of 1 block deep water pools
    • Eating the Hito Hito no Mi will remove any fishman/cyborg related abilities from the hotbar
    • Fixed a crash caused by poison blocks
    • Fishman passives will correctly work again


Bounty & Wanted Posters

  • Wanted Posters are finally a thing, once issued you will be able to see your bounty, the text does not update!!! New bounty = New poster
  • The bounty stat is now hidden, the only way to see your bounty is via wanted posters
  • Wanted Posters are delivered in packages around the world and dropped from the sky
  • Right clicking a wanted poster will open it so you can see the details
  • Wanted Posters can also be placed on walls as decorations, Shift + Right Click to palce it

Devil Fruits & Abilities

  • The sphere generation was improved af! This should also decrease the lag spikes when creating a sphere on a lower-end PC.
  • Flying was also changed a bit, Tori Tori no Mi's zoan points will be able to fly regardless of the config option, that one ONLY affects the 3 logias (Moku, Gasu, Suna)
  • Improved the despawn logic for both poison blocks
  • Larger collision boxes for certain projectiles
  • Most abilities recieved some small changes to their damage/cooldown, however there are way to many to list them here, if anything major was changed it will be listed
  • Abilities were "split" into 2 categories
    • Physical abilities will be affected by haki usage, so hitting logias will only be possible while buso haki will be active
    • Special abilties will hit logias no matter what
  • Certain passive abilities can now be used along with other passives at the same time, the list is big but here are some of them :
    • Free passive abilities
    • Busoshoku Haki
    • Kenbunshoku Haki
    • Room
    • Torikago
    • Weightless
    • Venom Demon
    • All Sword-like abilities
    • All Zoan Points
  • Some abilities will now have a 2nd functionality triggered by pressing shift and then the ability key
    • 2nd functionality abilities
    • Barrier Ball
    • Kamakura and Kamakura Jussoshi
    • Chiyu Hormone
    • Tension Hormone

    Zushi Zushi no Mi

  • Sagari no Ryusei - falling meteorite
  • Moko - send a gravity shock that damages and pushes down the enemies
  • Abare Himatsuri - passive, allows flying on a rock
  • Juryoku - presses enemies around the user using gravity, after a while it damages them and breaks the ground layer by layer
  • Yomi Yomi no Mi

  • Activated only after dying
  • Turns the user into a skeleton
  • Can run on water and has a small speed boost
  • Doesn't need to eat anymore
  • Kasuriuta: Fubuki Giri - when holding a sword, launches the user forwards very quickly, and freezes anyone they hit
  • Soul Parade - when holding a sword, blocks incoming attacks and freezes enemies who touch the user
  • Baku Baku no Mi

  • Baku Munch - consumes every block in a 3x3x3 area
  • Bero Cannon - consumes 1 random block from the inventory and launches an exploding projectile
  • Baku Tsuiho - spews a few blocks (from the user's inventory)
  • Kilo Kilo no Mi

  • Weightless - passive, lets the user float while holding an umbrella
  • Kick-off jump - allows the user to jump really high
  • Heavy punch - very powerful punch
  • Kilo Press - while in the air, the user raises the weight of their body, to fall onto the target. The higher the user, the greater the damage
  • Ori Ori no Mi

  • Bind - binds the punched enemy
  • Awase Baori - creates a cage around the hit enemy
  • Great Cage - creates a large cage around the user
  • Prison Break - removes any bars the user points at
  • This fruit comes with a new custom block, the ori bars, hard to break even with a diamond pickaxe
  • All it's abilities will spawn this type of block
  • Sabi Sabi no Mi

  • Sword-based attacks don't deal any damage and the sword loses a lot of durability when hitting
  • Rust touch - rusts the user slowing them down
  • Supa Supa no Mi

  • Spider - hardens the user's body
  • Spiral Hollow - launches a powerful punch embedded with blades
  • Spar Claw - just a strong punching attack
  • Sparkling Daisy - the user charges forward a bit to hit the opponent, and also causes a lot of damage to the surroundings
  • Atomic Spurt - passive, gives the user speed and makes him slide in the direction they're looking, while damaging any mobs he comes across
  • Mero Mero no Mi

  • Mero Mero Mellow - launches a heart-shaped projectile that causes "petrification"
  • Pistol Kiss - fires small heart-particles that causes petrification for a very short time
  • Slave Arrow - fires loads of pink arrows with heart trails that cause medium-length petrification
  • Perfume Femur - causes a little non-destructive explosion, that causes medium-length petrification
  • Chiyu Chiyu no Mi

  • Healing touch - gives a strong regeneration buff to the target and an instant health regen
  • Chiyupopo - gives regen to everyone around the user
  • Horu Horu no Mi

  • Onna Hormone - causes confusion, weakness and speed when an enemy is punched
  • Chiyu Hormone - a LOT of regeneration with a hunger debuff after it's effect wear off
  • Tension Hormone - gives different buffs but after the effects wear off, nausea
  • Kachi Kachi no Mi

  • Hot Boiling Special - turns the users fist into a hardened one, burns the opponent on contact
  • Evaporate - evaporates any water around the user
  • Doa Doa no Mi

  • Door - when the user right-clicks a block, he'll get transported to the nearest "free space" in the direction the user is pointing
  • Air Door - transports the user in another space
  • Hito Hito no Mi

    Zou Zou no Mi

  • Zou point and Hybrid point available
  • Zou point gives more resistance but it's slower
  • Hybrid point gains some extra damage when punching without a weapon
  • Ivory dart (Zou point only) - the user dashes towards the opponent to crash against them with great power also destroying nearby block
  • Great Stomp (Zou point only) - creates a shockwave on the ground spreading from the user, damages anyone hit by the wave
  • Ivory stomp (Hybrid point only) - powerful punching attack that creates a small explosion and knocks the opponent back a lot
  • Trunk shot (Any point) - launches it's trunk towards an enemy and weakens them
  • Mogu Mogu no Mi

  • Has only 1 point : Mole Point
  • Allows the user to dig really fast using the hands
  • Mogura Banana - activated by hitting the target, deals great damage and great knockback
  • Mogura Tonpo: Mogugyo - large hole under/in front of the user that allows them to quickly escape
  • Ushi Ushi no Mi : Model Giraffe

  • Has 2 points : Full Point and Hybrid Point
  • Bigan - nose projectile, weak af
  • Zoan Morphing

  • Zoan morphs now have appropriate collision boxes
  • Taller zoan morphs will now change the player's camera height as well
  • Fishman Karate

  • New particle effects for Murasame
  • New particle effects for Uchimizu
  • Doku Doku no Mi

  • Poison particles when firing Chloro Ball and Doku Fugu
  • Suna Suna no Mi

  • Sables will launch the enemy a bit higher
  • New particle effects for ground death
  • Particle effects for desert spada
  • Particles effects for desert encierro
  • Hie Hie no Mi

  • If the user has under a 5th of the max health, the water blocks under won't turn into ice
  • Yami Yami no Mi

  • Increase Liberation range
  • Black Hole is now sphere shaped (also increased it's size)
  • Korouzu - teleports the enemy near the user and starts the cooldown on all abilities
  • Suke Suke no Mi

  • Using Skatting will now also hide any armor pieces
  • Suke Punch - can make others invisible by punching them
  • Bari Bari no Mi

  • Reworked the logic behind Barrier and the Barrierbility: Stairs abilities by making them passive, the block will all disappear when the ability will be turned off
  • Doubled the distance of the Barrierbility Stairs
  • Kage Kage no Mi

  • Doppelman - new AI, less stupid
  • Aggressive State (Default) - attacks anything in sight based on the predefined patterns
  • Defensive State - attacks only entities that attack the owner or that the owner attacks
  • "Feed" it with shadows to boost it's power (and size), 10 shadows = +4 damage
  • Kagemusha - switches your place with Doppelman's
  • Kage Kage no Mi users can now steal shadows using scissors, shadowless entities will burn in the sun
  • Ito Ito no Mi

  • Black Knight - creates a clone of yourself, has the same Aggressive/Defensive state system as the doppelman but has a fixed damage
  • Mera Mera no Mi

  • Improved and optimized the particle effects for Dai Enkai: Entei
  • Yuki Yuki no Mi

  • Added a small randomized direction for the snowflakes released by Fubuki
  • Doru Doru no Mi

  • New Wax block that will spawn instead of the Clay ones, is also harder to break
  • Goro Goro no Mi

  • Spark Step - allows the user to teleport in an instant


  • 3D Models for Dials were added
  • Seaking Meat added back (cannot be obtained without creative)
  • Kairoseki Bars added back
  • Kitetsu is now split into Sandai Kitetsu and Nidai Kitetsu with the 2nd having a little bit more power (cannot be obtained yet)


  • Bounty stat limit increased by a lot
  • Doubled the spawn rates for Devil Fruit Boxes in both small and large ships
  • Commands will now accept target selectors (@p, @r etc) in the username spot
    • Exemple :
    • /doriki + 100 @p - for nearest player
    • /bounty = 1000 @r - for a random player


  • French (fr_Fr) translations added, thanks to Ytekk
  • Fixed Issues

      Devil Fruits & Abilities

      • The speed attribute was fixed and as a result some projectiles will be faster
      • Anime Screams will no longer trigger twice when using zoan points
      • Abilities will no longer get stuck in charged/passive states
      • Yami Yami no Mi will no longer be lost after dying with the "full" option in the config
    • Mob's spawning on ships will now have different textures
    • Den Den Mushi's block will be correctly rendered
    • Fixed a lot of minor bugs