Mine Mine no Mi


Mine Mine no Mi is a minecraft mod based on the famous anime/manga series One Piece written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda.
It aims to be an adventure oriented mod where exploration is one of the key features.

Currently the mod adds :
  • 43 Devil Fruits, each fruit comes with a bunch of different abilities to use,
    with a grand total of 203 abilities (and counting)
  • Different classes, factions and fighting styles to choose from, each slightly changing the outcome of the playthrough
  • Different types of mobs from the One Piece universe, each with different, custom-made AI
  • New structures to raid and loot, such as pirate ships
  • Quests and open world activities for players to do while in singleplayer or multiplayer
  • Customization support for servers in form of different config options

Support the Mod

If you cannot donate that is totally fine you can help this mod grow in other ways :
  • Help us localize the mod in your native language
  • Fork the git repro and get involved with the development process
  • Always try to come up with new and original ideas for abilities or new gameplay mechanics
  • Report bugs when you encounter them in a clear and concise way
  • Join our Discord Server and be active there, helping others or dropping dank memes [Join the server now]
  • Spread the word


Dev Team :

Wynd - Programmer
CalebBritannia - Programmer
FGpisces - 2D Artist, QA
DragonLuch - 3D Artist - Gallery
Kenryuu - QA

Patreons :

Peter La Ardilla

Others :

Abelatox - Spanish translation
Ezequiel - Polish translation
Moore5859 (阿烩丶) - Simplified Chinese translation
Itz Nuk - Brazilian Portuguese translation
Ytekk - French translation